Three Steps to Dinner

Everyday meals with ease & confidence

Sunday 25 JULY, 4.30pm BST

The foolproof method to no-stress everyday meals (no recipes required)
  • Stuck for quick & simple dinner ideas?
  • Bored with the same old meals? 
  • No time for fancy recipes? 
  • Tight budget? 
  • Hate meal planning?

In this practical workshop you will learn my super simple 3-step method for creating quick, easy and delicious weekday meals.

Adaptable to match your preferences, your budget, your fridge contents and your time, day after day.

Topics we'll cover over 90 mins:

  • My 3-step method to simple delicious meals
  • Cooking by pattern (not by recipe)
  • Layering flavours for maximum taste
  • How to adapt & substitute with ease
  • Easy templates to follow for every weekday 
  • Tips for shopping and stocking your kitchen
  • Putting 3-step meals to practice!

"Absolutely brilliant! I really feel more confident to experiment, be more intuitive and to enjoy cooking even more."


"Really lovely workshop. It all made complete sense."


"The workshop changed how I do my shopping and how I cook. No more pressure to do it right. As a result, life got just a bit more flavourful!"


Sunday 25 July
4.30pm BST
live on zoom - replay available

Samin Nosrat


"Your ideas are inspiring and I'm learning a lot of new things. Exciting stuff all the way!"

_ Anne

"Your suggestions got our mouths watering. That’s our kind of food."
_ Jess

"It's all obvious in my head now. You will be always with me in my kitchen now after this workshop."

_ Dimitra

"I was confident in the kitchen. You've helped me be more adventurous!"

_ Kirsten

"The world needs your experimental, playful approach to cooking real food."

_ Jeff

"The depth and quality of your knowledge give me confidence that you really know what you're doing."

_ Kelly