Cooking Up Joy and Connection

In this episode of'At Home' with guest Caroline Pool we deep dive into into the joys of everyday cooking.
Caroline is all about keeping it simple and tasty, seasonal cooking and using up leftovers. We chat about the joy and connection of family meals, makingf the most of seasonal produce, and nifty kitchen tools like soup makers and onion cutters.

Caroline’s laid-back cooking style, learned from her mom and granddad, is all about creativity and fun, contrasting with her hubby’s love for strict recipes. We swap tips on making brussels sprouts delicious, getting kids involved in the kitchen, and keeping dinner stress-free. We both agree that experimenting with new flavors and keeping things simple is key.

The episode wraps up on a warm note, talking about memorable meals, favorite kitchen hacks, and the heartwarming connection between food and family. Tune in to share the joy!

tasty morsels

05:15 Looking within to find joy.
09:37 Family food traditions and seeking what's freshest.
10:34 Food is important, dining out is relaxed.
13.54 How living in different places shapes your cooking.
16:57 The delights of cardamom.
20:16 Encouraging kids to explore food: fun and play!
24:45 Soup maker secrets.
26:31 Leftover magic.
34:14 Cooking is a conversation.
37:28 Lifesaving gadgets and 'too tired to cook' recipes.
44:16 How to buy time at dinner time.

the best bit

"I'm a great fan of leftovers. I just love making quite a bit quite a bit more than I know will be eating that evening just because the ease of leftovers is so wonderful." 

get cooking

Three ideas for taking action in your own kitchen, inspired by the conversation.

🍅 Think creatively about your leftovers: use your imagination and a couple of pantry staples to transform them into an all new meal!

🍅 Explore seasonal produce: Try something new and seasonal every month. If it's local, even better!

🍅 Get a little tech help: Is there a gadget or appliance that could save you time or hassle? Think simple not shiny.

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Katerina Pavlakis

Intuitive cook & irreverent kitchen coach
Growing up in 70s Greece, cooking - and eating - at home was simply normal. Shopping at farmers' markets, drooling over recipes, grinding spices, and animated conversation over dinner are some of my fondest memories. This is where I honed my cooking intuition. I'm here to help you find your way back to a simpler, more joyful way of cooking.

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