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Empower your cooking!

Looking for fewer rules and more fun in your kitchen?

Come and sit around my kitchen table for good food and conversation that will spark the inspiration, the know-how, and the motivation for effortless everyday cooking.

Imagine this...

It's dinner time soon.

You haven't given it much thought all day, so you open the fridge to get inspired.

You pull out some fresh veggies (the type your kids like) and have a look in the pantry for some staples to add.

As you chop an onion you let your mind wander to the delicious food you ate on holiday a few months back. You decide to riff on that memory, adding a pinch of this and a sprinkle of that, tasting and adjusting as you go.

Before you know it, you have a fresh and tasty meal ready for the table. No fuss, no stress, no measuring and definitely no ingredient panic.


get curious in the kitchen

Once upon a time, families and communities were built around the sharing of food.

But for most of us this feels like a distant dream right now.

Cooking in the 21st century feels increasingly disconnected from food, from life and from ourselves, as both cooks and eaters. It's as if cooking is now an 'obstacle' to eating that has to be circumvented with 'convenience' hacks and outsourcing at every possible step.

No wonder we feel that cooking is a never-ending chore and thankless obligation, with an ever-increasing pressure of 'doing it right'. 

But what if you stopped being a slave to the stove and the recipe?

Everyday cooking is a process not a checklist – and it's not meant to feel lonely.

Instead, get smart and creative with your cooking with the help of the community we're building inside the NO RECIPE CLUB.

Join us in a welcoming space where we cultivate simplicity, ease and curiosity as we go about our daily cooking.

💗 Add a dash of inspiration to your meal-time repertoire.
💗 Find thrifty ways to get the most from your pantry.
💗 Cultivate healthier food habits that last.
💗 Share motivation, insights and encouragement with like-minded cooks.

And most importantly, share the convivial spirit of sitting around the kitchen table as we embark on the journey of rediscovering our natural connection to nourishment and flavour.



A welcoming space to find deliciously simple kitchen inspiration in a community of open-minded home cooks. With virtual hang-outs, live events and bite-sized content.

community kitchen

An exclusive community of like-minded home cooks to share and inspire, away from social media madness.

workshops & events

Monthly workshops & virtual happenings diving deeper into the topics you choose as members.

monthly meal charts

Charts & templates to ignite your creativity: a visual path to experiment, simplify, decode and repurpose.

the kitchen hour

Bring your questions and come hang out for a monthly chat on all things food, cooking, and nourishment!

ready, steady, cook

Live cook-along sessions for everyone. Bring your ingredients and let's improvise something tasty!

the magic pantry

A growing library of useful know-how: ingredient A-Z, kitchen hacks and tasty secrets.


When you join the membership you lock in the current price for as long as you choose to stay, even if the price goes up in the future.


£ 33 /per quarter

best for flexibility


£ 99 /per year

best for value

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Cancelled subscriptions remain active until the next billing cycle.

"The idea of becoming confident to cook without recipes seemed too good to be true - but it's working! Katerina shares a structured approach which is flexible and has actually left me enjoying a task which I used to find a chore (and the results are enjoyable too). " - KATE

"I've become a lot more relaxed and curious now, seeing cooking as a playful discovery rather than some impossible standard of perfection I have to try to reach!!" - MEDI

"Katerina helped me reframe my thinking around food." - NIKKI

"The sessions offer such a range of ideas to consider, as well as great company and conversation. Always so practical and enjoyable. " - ANN


The No Recipe Club is a membership community for aspiring or seasoned intuitive cooks looking for connection, inspiration and motivation. If you are looking to infuse your everyday cooking with ease and creativity, allowing fewer rules and more fun into your kitchen, then this is for you!

Everyone is welcome, beginner or advanced, new and tentative or seasoned and confident. Only requirement: open-minded curiosity. Please leave judgements at the door.

Bite-sized content & inspiration, served once a week: Workshops, cook-alongs, live kitchen hangouts to ask your questions, a library of ingredients & cooking tips, and an exclusive community platform away from social media madness. And we're only just getting started!

Founding members join the membership early on at a super special rate, and get keep it for as long as they choose to stay. They also get access to that extra personal touch while our group is still small and cozy. Yay!

You can cancel anytime, no hard feelings. Cancelled subscriptions remain active until the next billing cycle.

Email me and I'll get right back to you!

Come join us, we're starting a movement!

Dr Mark Hyman, MD