ditch the recipes
take the pressure off meal times

feel good about cooking again

Fed up with the daily ‘what’s for dinner’ stress? Bored with the same old meals? No time for fancy recipes? Tired of rushing around the supermarket? Tight budget? Hate meal planning?

Time to breathe a sigh of relief...

In this 70 min workshop you'll learn how to make no-stress tasty and nourishing meals from simple ingredients you can keep in your cupboards. No need for recipes!

Learn a super simple 3-step method for creating quick, easy and flavourful weekday meals. Decipher the pattern behind every recipe and free yourself from  their rigid rules. Master the art of layering of flavours for delicious results every time.

For 'stuck in a rut' home cooks who want to feel good about cooking again.

Guess what...

More recipes are not solving the problem of feeling stuck and uninspired in the kitchen. The world doesn't need more recipes...

Instead, learn to tap into your very own intuitive sense for nourishment and change the way you think about cooking forever. 

Enter the 'patterns not recipes' method:
a fool proof system to no-stress everyday meals (no recipes required)

This simple 3-step method breaks down the cooking process into an easy-to-follow structure, based on the timeless principles of flavour. When you follow structured patterns instead of recipes, everything you do in the kitchen becomes easily adaptable to match your preferences, your budget, your fridge contents and your time, day after day.  Once you recognise the simple, repeatable steps that are the building blocks of almost any recipe, cooking becomes effortless, creative, and even fun again! 

"Your workshop has really inspired me to get back into cooking. I've had tasty results, and I'm having fun again!"

"Absolutely brilliant! I really feel more confident to experiment, be more intuitive and to enjoy cooking more."

Topics we will cover 

  • The 3-step method to simple delicious meals
  • Cooking by pattern (not by recipe)
  • The art of seasoning
  • Layering flavours for maximum taste
  • How to adapt & substitute with ease
  • Easy weekday meal templates to follow 
  • Top tips for shopping and stocking your kitchen

"The workshop changed how I do my shopping and how I cook. No more pressure to do it 'right'. As a result, life got a bit easier, and a lot more flavourful!" - EGLE

"The idea of becoming confident to cook without recipes seemed too good to be true - but it's working! Katerina's approach has actually left me enjoying a task I used to find a chore." - KATE

4-part workshop plus resources

instant access for £47

What's included

  • 4-part workshop recording (total 70 mins)
  • login area with lifetime access to all content
  • course notes & resources to download
  • recipe templates to download
  • BONUS: flavour cheat sheet (print & stick on your fridge)
  • BONUS: ‘unlock your inner chef’ worksheet
  • BONUS: a free invitation to the next live run of the workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Katerina, a Greek girl now living in a Welsh valley in the UK. I’m a home cook, just like you. I am passionate about real, simple, tasty food everyone can make at home without the need to rely on recipes. I believe that all humans have an innate instinct for cooking and I’m here to help you unleash that inner chef and rediscover the ‘can do’ mindset of curiosity and fun that lies at the heart of all effortless cooking.

The workshop is for stuck and stressed home cooks who've had enough of the never ending ‘what’s for dinner’ rigmarole, and want to rediscover a sense of calm and ease in the kitchen.

Most of us don’t! The framework I teach is based around simple meals that can be prepared with minimal fuss and practically zero planning, saving you both time and headspace.

Yes! Everything you will learn in this course is based around patterns and principles giving you the understanding you need to easily adapt any recipe and substitute ingredients according to your (and their) likes and needs.

Absolutely. Building your cooking skills on principles rather than recipes early on is the best grounding you can get to blossom into the relaxed and confident cook you want to be.

I'm pretty sure you will. In my experience many confident cooks are still relying on recipes (those they know well, and those they try new) and very much enjoy finding the freedom to go beyond after taking my course.

No, if you are looking for recipes this is not the right place. This course is based around patterns and principles, so that you no longer depend on following recipes.
If you have a lot of cook books already, you’ll learn to use them as a source of inspiration as you hone your intuition in the kitchen.

"Thought-provoking, refreshing and wholesome." - PHOEBE

Really lovely workshop. It all made complete sense. - CARON

What you get

  • An easy to follow method to effortless cooking.
  • The secret to building a delicious, nourishing meal without any planning.
  • The principles behind seasoning with confidence.
  • A system for stocking your kitchen to reduce shopping trips.
  • A troubleshooting toolbox to rescue any mishaps.
  • A new approach and fresh mindset to inspire your cooking.
  • Big savings on expensive take-outs and meal kits.
  • Direct access to your kitchen coach to ask questions
  • BONUS: kitchen rescue cheat sheet (print & stick on your fridge)
  • BONUS: ‘unleash your inner chef’ worksheet
  • BONUS: a free invitation to the next live run of the workshop 

What's the value

A reliable system for putting together easy and delicious meals that will last you a lifetime, and the satisfaction of nourishing yourself and your family... for less than the cost of a take-out family dinner!

instant access for £47

"It's all obvious in my head now. You'll always be with me in my kitchen now after this workshop."

"I was confident in the kitchen. You've helped me be more adventurous!"

"Love your approach. I never thought I could actually have fun cooking."

Money Back Guarantee

Learning my 3-step method is going to give you the confidence of putting together tasty everyday meals without having to think or plan in advance. You will know how to stock your kitchen efficiently, season with confidence and understand how to adapt any recipe.

 If you feel you haven’t learned any of that, I don't deserve to keep your money. Just email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. No hassle, no hard feelings.
You have nothing to lose with this tiny, one-time investment. 

Samin Nosrat