“Cooking is a revolutionary act”

Mark Hyman, MD

Are you really going to let big business tell you what to eat?


If you only do one thing for your wellbeing: Cook at home!


Stop weight watching – start food watching.


Real food is so much more than merely the sum of its nutrients.


The kitchen secret no-one talks about: We all have a cook in us!

Reclaim cooking (and eating) as your innate instinct

to nourish and nurture yourself and your loved ones.

Unleash your cooking intuition and change everything:

Cooking at home can be stress-free, quick, and fun!


Intuitive cooks need no rules nor recipes:

Your own taste and imagination is all you need to guide you.

Cook for taste and nourishment, not for perfection.


Recipes are for inspiration, not for cooking.


Spot the pattern of any recipe

and you will never need to follow one again.

Cook with what you have.


Don't be a foodie, be a cook!