when your pantry is smart, cooking is easy


when your pantry is smart, cooking is easy

Reset your kitchen with a simple 3-step system
ready for spontaneous cooking anytime

instant access

get access to the recording & resources straight away

£37 for a lifetime of better cooking

Wondering what to cook with 'nothing in the house'? No time for the shops? Hate meal planning?

Skip the trip to the shops, the meal plans and the recipe search.

With the right staples in your pantry you're always ready to improvise easy flavoursome meals anytime, without shopping or planning.

In this 60 min workshop I'll share my simple system for stocking your kitchen with the most useful (non-fancy) ingredients for creative cooking anytime.

You'll learn about the 3 types of ingredients you need, how to choose, store - and most importantly - how to use them to build quick and tasty everyday meals. Plus my favourite tricks to tweak or upgrade any recipe.

When your pantry is smart, cooking is easy.

instant access

(get access to the recording & resources straight away)

£37 for a lifetime of better cooking

"Your workshop has really inspired me to get back into cooking. I've had tasty results, and I'm having fun again!" - HELEN

Some of the topics we'll cover 

  • The 3 types of ingredients you need at hand to build any meal
  • How to choose and store them without getting overwhelmed
  • Avoiding stuff you never use crowding your cupboards
  • How to adapt & substitute with ease
  • Jazzing up your leftovers with flair
  • My favourite tricks to tweak or upgrade any recipe

What's included

  • 60 min workshop (recorded)
  • course notes & resources to download
  • login area with lifetime access to all content
  • BONUS: Smart Pantry checklist to guide you through your kitchen reset
  • BONUS: simple recipe templates
  • BONUS: a free invitation to the next live run of the workshop

"The workshop changed how I do my shopping and how I cook. As a result, life got a bit easier, and a lot more flavourful!" - EGLE

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Katerina, a Greek girl now living in a Welsh valley in the UK. I’m a home cook, not a chef, just like you. I am passionate about real, simple, tasty food everyone can make at home without the need to rely on recipes. I believe that all humans have an innate instinct for cooking and I’m here to help you unleash that inner chef and rediscover the ‘can do’ mindset of curiosity and fun that lies at the heart of all effortless cooking.

The workshop is for stuck and stressed home cooks who've had enough of the never ending ‘what’s for dinner’ rigmarole, and want to rediscover a sense of calm and ease in the kitchen.

Most of us don’t! The framework I teach is based around simple meals that can be prepared with minimal fuss and practically zero planning, saving you both time and headspace.

Yes! Everything you will learn in this workshop is 100% flexible and adaptable to any style of eating.

Absolutely. Building your cooking skills on principles rather than recipes early on is the best grounding you can get to blossom into the relaxed and confident cook you want to be.

I'm pretty sure you will. In my experience many confident cooks are still relying on recipes (those they know well, and those they try new) and very much enjoy the freedom and creativity to go beyond after taking one of my courses.

"Thought-provoking, refreshing and wholesome." - PHOEBE

"Really lovely workshop. It all made complete sense." - CARON

What's the value

A simple system for stocking your kitchen for easy and delicious meals that will save you time and money with everyday cooking, and the satisfaction of nourishing yourself and your family... for less than the cost of a family take-out!

£37 for a lifetime of better cooking!

"Love your approach. I never thought I could actually have fun cooking." - MARY

Money Back Guarantee

Setting up your kitchen ready for action is going to give you the confidence to pull together tasty everyday meals without having to think or plan in advance. You'll know how to recognise the 3 types of ingredients you need to build any meal, how to choose what works for you and your family's appetites, and an understand of adapting recipes to what you have to hand.

 If you feel you haven’t learned any of that, I don't deserve to keep your money. Just email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. No hassle, no hard feelings.
You have nothing to lose with this tiny, one-time investment. 

£37 for a lifetime of better cooking

Tamar Adler