Designing delights from pixel to plate

In this passion-filled episode of 'At Home' we sit down with the delightful Lauren Halberstadt - a talented designer, creativity coach and passionate home cook - to chat about all things cooking, creativity, and finding inspiration in the everyday.

We clearly share a passion for home-made fresh food, be it for our family or our pets. For Lauren, cooking is a delightful escape from the digital world, allowing her to take a break from the screen and unleash her creativity with ingredients and spices. From cooking up a big batch of soup to crafting her mouth-watering pomodoro pasta sauce, Lauren shares some of her secrets for quick and delicious meals that will inspire your taste buds. Mind you, Lauren is not a fan of following recipes to the T: she believes true success comes from embracing your own creativity and individuality in the kitchen - and in life! We also dive into the parallels between cooking and design, the importance of simplicity, passing down culinary skills to your kids as they grow up and why confidence plays a key role whatever your creative pursuit.

Get ready to be inspired, nourished, and entertained on this delicious episode of 'At Home'!

tasty morsels

[00:02:18] How creativity is lost in templates and recipes.
[00:05:22] Knowing the basics is key for confidence.
[00:07:35] Using design grids to guide creativity without restriction.
[00:10:17] Learning to cook out of necessity.
[00:15:37] Getting in the kitchen gets me away from the screen.
[00:19:21] The best home-made tomato sauce.
[00:20:33] Handing down family recipes and cooking skills.
[00:23:53] Birthday ramen, and a love for Asian flavours.
[00:27:40] Cooking from scratch is simply worth it.
[00:33:14] Pet food and food marketing.
[00:34:50] We are what we eat.
[00:39:19] Meatless meals, ingredient swaps and cooking with spices.  

the best bit

 "So many people see cooking as a chore, but for me, it's a wonderful way of just getting away from the day to day..."

get cooking

Three ideas for taking action in your own kitchen, inspired by the conversation.

🍅 Try batch cooking: Take Lauren's advice and take a break to cook a batch of soup or stew. It will keep you 'in lunch' for several days as well as get you away from your desk to refresh your body and mind.

🍅  Teach someone to cook a simple dish: Just as Lauren taught her son how to make tomato sauce, consider teaching someone else a simple recipe. Sharing your cooking knowledge not only strengthens relationships but also empowers others to become more independent in the kitchen.

🍅 Get into home-made sauces: Challenge yourself to make sauces from scratch instead of relying on ready-made versions. Simple tasty sauces, like Lauren's tomato sauce, are simple to make, easy to batch and offer a much more flavourful and satisfying experience. Plus, you have full control over the ingredients, which means more quality for less money.

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Katerina Pavlakis

Intuitive cook & irreverent kitchen coach
Growing up in Greece in the 70s, cooking, and eating, at home was simply normal. Shopping at farmers' markets, drooling over recipes, grinding spices, and animated conversation over dinner are some of my fondest memories. This is where I honed my cooking intuition. I'm here to help you find your way back to a simpler, more joyful way of cooking.

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