3 ways with a bag of peas

3 ways with a bag of peas

Your instant dinner guarantee

Keeping a bag (or two) of green peas in the freezer is a guarantee of an instant wholesome meal.

And no, I don't mean that boring bowl of grey looking peas nobody wants to eat: Green peas can be a super flexible starting point to go off in all sorts of flavoursome directions, in a matttter of minutes!

Here are my favourite 3 ways with a bag of peas, for those in-between days I can't be bothered to cook, or any other kind of emergency meal.


Greek style: with onions, tomato and garlic

  • chop onions, soften in olive oil
  • add fresh or tinned tomatoes, simmer for a few minutes
  • add frozen peas and chopped garlic.
  • add salt, and a few herbs (parsley, oregano, dill...)
  • simmer for a few more minutes until peas have softened (this happens real quick even from frozen!)


French style: with spring onion, carrots and butter

  • finely chop carrots (or make shavings with a potato peeler)
  • chop spring onions (or shallots, or just onions)
  • soften both in a bit of butter mixed with olive oil (gives you the buttery taste but stops butter from burning)
  • add frozen peas, salt, and some herbs (parsley, mint, dill...)
  • if you have any chunky lettuce like gem or romaine, add some too!
  • simmer until just softened (only a few minutes usually!)
  • finish off with more butter, or a dash of cream (or a dash of soy sauce, not French, I know but delicious!). might need a dash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar to brighten the sweetness).


Mediterranean style: with olives and feta cheese

  • chop onions, soften in olive oil
  • chop up some olives
  • add peas and olives and check for salt, simmer until just softened
  • crumble over feta cheese, goats cheese or ricotta.
  • finish with some herbs (parsley, dill, mint...)


We often have peas, one way or another, just on their own, perhaps with some boiled potatoes or a tin of sardines. 

You can also add cooked chicken, ham, hard boiled egg or tofu for more substance, and obviously serve the peas as a side to something bigger to.

Also works with green beans or broad beans, fresh or frozen.

Note: Larger garden peas rather than tiny petit pois are better suited to bolder flavours.

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