Keeping it real and nourishing

For this episode I get in the kitchen with Sophia Maslowski for a down to earth conversation about keeping it real and realistic.

We chat all things batch cooking, flavour shortcuts, flexible meal planning, and the joy of eating good food. Our conversation gets into embracing simplicity, leftovers and a good-enough mindset, and share our holistic view on eating for nourishment, and remind ourselves that it’s okay to mess up in the kitchen (just roll with it and maybe turn that burnt stew into a smoky soup!)

We also chat about the life-saving qualities of potatoes and coleslaw, foodie travel adventures, and collecting cookbooks.

A spirited episode covering a lot of ground, from the practical to the philosophical, and plenty in between!

tasty morsels

00:49 Learning by watching and doing.
03:58 Start with what's in your fridge.
08:24 Plan your meals with what needs using up.
11:26 Struggling with meal planning but feeling inspired.
15:04 Embracing simplicity and seasonality.
20:48 Simple, easy meals for any occasion.
24:50 Go-to Mexican flavours
28:37 Encouraging flexible meal planning for time-saving decisions.
30:35 Cooking mishaps and how to fix them.  
35:52 Collecting cookbooks (one day). while traveling.
39:10 Making food memories
43:58 Focus on nourishment.
47:01 Flavour hacks: Make ahead infused oils and spice mixes.  

the best bit

"But at the end of the day, what matters is that you know how to prepare your food in a way that you will eat it and, you know, enjoy it enough to allow it to nourish you."

get cooking

Three ideas for taking action in your own kitchen, inspired by the conversation.

🍅 Try Sophia's flexible meal planning approach: check your fridge take note of what needs to be used and when. Plan your meals around that.

🍅 Embrace simplicity: Acknowledge that not every meal needs to be a 5star gourmet experience; the simplest of dishes can bring nourishment and satisfaction.

🍅 Cook once, eat twice: Give batch cooking a try to save time and lighten the mental load. 

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Books we mentioned:
Smitten Kitchen, by Deb Perelman
An Everlasting Meal, by Tamar Adler
Original music by Colin Bass.

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Katerina Pavlakis

Intuitive cook & irreverent kitchen coach
Growing up in 70s Greece, cooking - and eating - at home was simply normal. Shopping at farmers' markets, drooling over recipes, grinding spices, and animated conversation over dinner are some of my fondest memories. This is where I honed my cooking intuition. I'm here to help you find your way back to a simpler, more joyful way of cooking.

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