Eat Well, Feel Better

In this episode, Katerina's guest in the kitchen is Michelle Williams, who shares her story of tasty transformations on her quest for better health and more flavour.

Michelle's inspiring journey has led her from the bland childhood meals to discovering her love for Italian cooking, nourishing foods and new flavours. We discuss the healing power of nutrition, the importance of variety and quality ingredients, and the benefits of shopping with local independent shops rather than supermarkets. We also talk about traditional eating habits, fasting, and the connection between traditional wisdom and modern science. Michelle shares many of the simple practical tips she has used herself to make her meals more nourishing without compromising on enjoyment. Tune in for all the tasty morsels!

tasty morsels

01:20 Early flavour awakenings.
05:40 A magic bowl of pasta
08:54 'Out of this world' eating experiences.
13:38 Cleaner eating changes your cravings.
17:57 Nourishing food can heal.
19:52 There is a right time for healing.
22:48 Beans, greens, and protein.
26:37 Shop local for the best quality.
31:21 Traditional wisdom and human evolution.
34:29 Cooking with olive oil
39:34 Simple tips for adding more goodness and more flavour.

the best bit

"I used to walk down the supermarket aisles, the wrong ones... And I would I just wanna try all these different things. Now I want to try different things, but they're good for me. And I don't walk down those aisles anymore, or sometimes I might walk down them and go, look what you don't do anymore. Isn't that amazing? And there's no desire to want to do that because I know how it feels when I do it, and it doesn't it doesn't feel so good."

get cooking

Three ideas for taking action in your own kitchen, inspired by the conversation.

🍅 Try the 'what can you add' approach: experiment with extras (e.g. high quality animal products, plant proteins, spices) to add nourishment, variety and flavour to your meals.

🍅 Consider the benefits of quality over quantity and local vs mass-produced when planning your shopping.

🍅 Reflect on how your current eating habits influence your health and wellbeing. What small adjustments can you make towards feeling better?

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cooking with olive oil (research)
Glucose Goddess (Jessie Inchauspé)
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