A Taste for Life

This delightful conversation with Jeff & Christine Gill is our first 3-way episode, and it's a lot of fun!

Our kitchen table chat is brimming with insightful and amusing anecdotes as both share some of their transformative cooking experiences that made them fall in love with food.  

We dive deep into topics like deciding what to cook, the lightbulb moments that changed everything in their kitchen, embracing a vegan lifestyle, cooking as a couple, and continually expanding their tastes and choices.  

Our discussion is full of practical cooking tips and learning(s) from experimenting with different ingredients and dishes.  

Tune in for a captivating conversation that is truly insightful, disarmingly honest, and really quite funny.

tasty morsels

04:52 The art of deciding what to cook  

05:41 The Carrot Bacon story
10:00 Overcoming cooking fear with the help of Nigel Slater

15:07 Change your diet, change your cooking

23:10 The secrets of broccoli & cabbage

25:25 Overcoming the fear of sprouts
26:11 The influence of expectations on taste  
28:11 Homemade pizza love

35:53 The challenges of cooking as a couple

39:18 Sharing kitchen tips

43:25 Getting ideas from the youngsters

the best bit

"We were skint. We had nothing. We were cold. We were absolutely miserable. And I went to the library and I picked up this book, Nigel Slater's Appetite. And I read it from beginning to end. And his love for food,... his love for ingredients came through and I got excited about food rather than recipes.[...] And it really, really empowered me to think about the simple, basic ingredients, the simple flavours."

get cooking

Three ideas for taking action in your own kitchen, inspired by the conversation.

🍅 Experiment with unexpected flavour combinations: Embrace a sense of adventure and curiosity and allow yourself yo discover surprising and delightful results.

🍅 Embrace versatility: Being open to alternative ingredients and techniques can expand your culinary horizons and add new dimensions to familiar dishes.

🍅 Slow down: Taste as you go, engage your senses and stay in the moment: make cooking a pleasurable experience!

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instagram: @jqgill

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mentioned in the episode
book: Appetite, by Nigel Slater
'kids on instagram': Fit Green Mind
Original music by Colin Bass.

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Growing up in 70s Greece, cooking - and eating - at home was simply normal. Shopping at farmers' markets, drooling over recipes, grinding spices, and animated conversation over dinner are some of my fondest memories. This is where I honed my cooking intuition. I'm here to help you find your way back to a simpler, more joyful way of cooking.

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